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Are you looking for ways to lose a few pounds? I prefer a multi-faceted approach personally. I try to put myself into the correct mental state of mind to actually achieve real long-term success.

I usually always start my diet by watching the documentary Supersize Me, which is really scary yet always makes me want to stay far away from all fast food restaurants for about a month each time I watch it.

Let’s face it; fast food restaurants themselves are not good in any way for anyone who is attempting a diet.

No matter how healthy you think that salad is from fast food restaurants, putting crispy or fried chicken on top is not a good idea to lose weight. A plain salad is always best.

I however, do not eat salads so I am left to find a better solution to actually lose weight.

I have found that Dexatrim Max H2O is an awesome product. It is ephedra free, and works wonderfully for me.

I am unable to swallow pills, so the typical and traditional diet pills do not work for me, because of being unable to swallow. Therefore, this is perfect, drop one or two of the pills into a bottle of water and just drink!

It is an awesome way for me to lose weight and still retain my busy active lifestyle.

I have had great success with this method, personally, I am taking baby steps at a time, for every 5 pounds I drop, and I stop taking the pills for 2 weeks, and resume a normal diet minus the tablets.

This is to help me ensure that the weight won’t come bouncing back once I stop taking the tablets. So far, I am down 15 pounds and none of it has come back.

While some may think this method is very time consuming and tedious, I am very satisfied with the fact that none of the weight I have lost has come back.

In the past I have used the Dexatrim Max pills that require swallowing them whole, this didn’t work well for me, I had to take the huge pills and crush them up to mix into a drink.

This was a horrible experience as the pills tasted awesome, I achieved much better results that way, thought I do suspect a lot of it was water weight being lost from the numerous trips to the bathroom that always ensued after taking those pills.

I know that if I am able to lose weight after two kids and working in a fast food restaurant that anybody is able to lose weight.

Anything is possible if people sink their minds into it, and truly work hard to achieve their goals. Try them out today, there are two different flavors of the tablets, lemon peel and mixed berry flavor.

I personally like the lemon peel better, despite the fact I am not a huge fan of lemon and lemonade.