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If you are health conscious and concerned about the environment, you probably already know the health benefits of drinking tea and are aware of the ecological advantages of organic fruits and vegetables.

How to Go Green: Buy Organic Tea

Tea is high in antioxidants, as well as polyphenols such as tannic acid.

Scientists are learning that plants that produce those tannins may already create ecological gains and, if they are grown organically with no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, they are even better for you and the environment.

If you do a web search for “Organic tea” you will find many online retail outlets for the beverage, ranging significantly in price and quality.

It is hard to choose a tea without being able to at least smell a sample, unless it is a type with which you are familiar or has a fruit aspect that you know you like.

I have personal experience with brands like Yogi (good) and The Republic of Tea (excellent), so I could recommend either of those, but taste preferences are highly personal and subjective and you may prefer another brand.

However, as long as you check for the organic certification seal, as seen at the bottom of Rishi’s home page, you can be assured you are receiving fully organic tea.

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It might be useful, if you plan to buy online, to do some research into the health benefits of various teas as well as look for reviews that speak of the taste of various types and brands.

If you really want to be green and conscientious when buying organic tea (or food), you should check your local market for retailers nearby.

Chances are there could be a small organic grower, or at least a distributor, near you.

Even if it is only a local distributor, you are still reducing shipping, since they’ve already shipped it to their store in bulk and you will only be driving a short distance in your car to get the product rather than putting a plane in the air to get it to your door.

In addition to this, you are supporting your local economy and small business, which is important at all times, but particularly in the current financial landscape.