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Renewable energy is the buzzword around the globe and the search for an alternative source of energy solar or wind power technology has been available for a while.

Green Living : Magnetic Generators Rule Homes and Hearts

Among all eco-friendly power solutions, magnetic generators keep their heads held high above the crowd.

In terms of feasibility, reliability and efficiency home owners are left with the one best choice and it happens to be the magnetic generator.

Homeowners are looking for a better way to cut costs on their power bill. Magnetic generators produce efficient and effective energy and they can even make a home go off-grid within affordable cost.

Solar power has been there, yet has not been adopted on a large enough scale because of cost and effectiveness.

When it comes to cost it is well beyond reach of home owners to make their home go completely off-grid with the use of solar panels or even to produce a decent amount of power.

To power a home with a solar system , a lot of solar panels are required and these solar panels are costly.

Home owners find that they will have to spend more than their power bill if they adapt to solar systems and it is not also feasible to wait 20 years after installing a home solar system and notice some actual saving on power bills.

To make matters worse one tragic fact about solar systems can be mentioned, they don’t work well without bright sunlight so it is easy to understand that they won’t work as effectively at nights.

However, a long array of expensive batteries can contain charge to drive the inverter circuit of a solar system to make it produce electricity for the night.

That is why in terms of affordability and feasibility solar systems are not a popular choice with home power generation.

When it comes to installation and maintenance cost, magnetic generators simply knock out solar power generators.

A typical magnetic generator costs about a $100 USD and they are virtually maintenance free, parts are available and cheap.

Once installed, they offer an immediate saving on power bills making magnetic generators the most logical choice for home owners.

Furthermore they are safe, eco-friendly, does not need fuel to run and they can actually generate power on their own ! They don’t even need sunlight or the wind.

They haven’t been commercially distributed or made popular because of the greed of the power companies. I believe it has been a conspiracy so far to prevent magnetic generators readily available to the populace.

Free electricity and green energy that is what magnetic generators are all about.

Those who care about conservation and saving the planet should consider the marvels of a magnetic generator.

For home electricity needs their low costs, reliability, safety, eco-friendly operation and last but not the least – actual saving on power bills are a combination of unbeatable attributes.

To say adios to your headache on high power bills, you are cordially invited to visit us at renewable solar energy and see for yourself how inexpensive and easy it is to install your own magnetic generator.