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Isn’t it strange how when we feed our dogs food from the table, it’s referred to as “human food,” but the stuff that comes out of the dog food bag is called “dog food?”

How The Dog Food Industry Has You Brainwashed

It should be the other way around: Natural food should be dog food, and the stuff that’s created in factories by humans, should be called human food.

Still confused? I’ll make it easier: Dogs should be given whole food. Who’d ever think, right? What did dogs eat, long before the invention of “dog food?” Think about it.

On the homestead, people fed their dogs the exact food that they themselves ate:

  • beef
  • milk
  • eggs
  • potatoes
  • corn
  • bread
  • vegetables
  • fruit

Why aren’t dogs as deserving of whole, natural foods, as humans are? Are we such a superior species, that only WE should experience the health benefits of whole foods?

The pet food industry has the masses thinking otherwise. How else could they make money?

Oh, don’t feed your dog this! And don’t feed him that!

Though it’s true that chocolate can be deadly to dogs, and onions and grapes can cause digestive problems in dogs, it’s also a fact that dogs have been thriving for centuries on natural foods grown from the goodness of the earth.

Only recently, in terms of the evolution of dogs, has artificial food been introduced to them.

My White German Shepherd loves watermelon, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, oranges, bananas, apples, apple sauce, oranges, and orange juice. He loves whole-wheat bread (home-made), potatoes and rice.

What is WRONG with feeding your dog these items? Do you think that the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables work their anti-cancer and anti-heart-disease magic only in humans?

Ever read the ingredients of dog food? That stuff is so heavily processed, with all sorts of additives, even sometimes artificial color, and “natural flavors” or “flavorings.” What’s “natural flavor”?

Is this an ingredient, or a description of how an ingredient tastes? Where are the “flavorings” from?

Very few people read dog food ingredients, because the list is gigantic. But take some time to read it. In fact, hold a dog food morsel between your fingers and study it. Just what is in that thing?

Think of all the processing and heating it’s been through.

The closer-to-nature food is, the healthier it is. Look how far from nature dog food is. This is why the manufacturer must pump all sorts of vitamins and minerals into the food.

The food does not contain all these nutrients in their natural state.

But whole foods do. And when nutrients are consumed as they exist in their natural state, their health benefits are superior to artificially-concocted foods with added nutrients.

And so what if your dog gets diarrhea from eating fruit. Don’t YOU sometimes? The diarrhea is temporary, the result of fiber from the fruit. Keep feeding Fido fruit, and his digestive system will soon adapt.

Don’t let the pet food industry warp your thinking about what a dog should eat.

I’ll add, however, that there are dog food companies that make the food out of only organic, all-natural ingredients. These can be found at health food stores.