Looking to Diet? Try This Idea

Are you looking for ways to lose a few pounds? I prefer a multi-faceted approach personally. I try to put myself into the correct mental state of mind to actually achieve real long-term success.

I usually always start my diet by watching the documentary Supersize Me, which is really scary yet always makes me want to stay far away from all fast food restaurants for about a month each time I watch it.

Let’s face it; fast food restaurants themselves are not good in any way for anyone who is attempting a diet.

No matter how healthy you think that salad is from fast food restaurants, putting crispy or fried chicken on top is not a good idea to lose weight. A plain salad is always best.

I however, do not eat salads so I am left to find a better solution to actually lose weight.

I have found that Dexatrim Max H2O is an awesome product. It is ephedra free, and works wonderfully for me.

I am unable to swallow pills, so the typical and traditional diet pills do not work for me, because of being unable to swallow. Therefore, this is perfect, drop one or two of the pills into a bottle of water and just drink!

It is an awesome way for me to lose weight and still retain my busy active lifestyle.

I have had great success with this method, personally, I am taking baby steps at a time, for every 5 pounds I drop, and I stop taking the pills for 2 weeks, and resume a normal diet minus the tablets.

This is to help me ensure that the weight won’t come bouncing back once I stop taking the tablets. So far, I am down 15 pounds and none of it has come back.

While some may think this method is very time consuming and tedious, I am very satisfied with the fact that none of the weight I have lost has come back.

In the past I have used the Dexatrim Max pills that require swallowing them whole, this didn’t work well for me, I had to take the huge pills and crush them up to mix into a drink.

This was a horrible experience as the pills tasted awesome, I achieved much better results that way, thought I do suspect a lot of it was water weight being lost from the numerous trips to the bathroom that always ensued after taking those pills.

I know that if I am able to lose weight after two kids and working in a fast food restaurant that anybody is able to lose weight.

Anything is possible if people sink their minds into it, and truly work hard to achieve their goals. Try them out today, there are two different flavors of the tablets, lemon peel and mixed berry flavor.

I personally like the lemon peel better, despite the fact I am not a huge fan of lemon and lemonade.

Easy Ways to Shrink Your Enormous Carbon Footprint

Being green feels good. But no matter how spartan your lifestyle, your carbon shoe size is anything but dainty.


Virtually every aspect of your life causes pollution:

  • food
  • clothing
  • shelter
  • transportation
  • leisure activities

Making big changes to reduce your carbon footprint may be beyond your interest or discipline, but you can still make small changes that add up to make a difference.

  1. Set your dishwasher to “air dry.” At the end of the wash cycle, the heating element of your dishwasher comes on to dry your dishes faster and with fewer water spots. I must admit, I didn’t want to give this one up. But one summer day, it was so hot (global warming?) in my kitchen, I decided I didn’t want the extra heat and steam that the drying cycle would generate. Yeah, the dishes came out wet, but I just opened the dishwasher door and left them to dry while I ran errands. Spotting wasn’t the problem I expected, and I had the side benefit of being able to wash plasticware on the bottom drawer. I thought when cooler weather returned I’d go back to using the heat cycle, but I just haven’t missed it that much. So why use it?
  2. Turn your car off if it will be idling for more than a few seconds. Common wisdom used to be that restarting your car uses more gas than it would consume in a few minutes of waiting. But that’s been disproven, so just kill it already! In line at the bank or drive-through or waiting for your kids to load in, it all adds up.
  3. Combine fitness with greenness. Experts say that little bouts of activity throughout the day are as beneficial as one long stretch of exercise for an equivalent amount of time. Walk to the mailbox. Park in the outer reaches of the parking lot rather than circling for a good spot. Switch from a gas or electric mower to a user-powered reel mower. Whenever you increase your activity in your day-to-day activities, you are probably reducing your carbon footprint along with reducing your backside!
  4. Tilt your blinds upwards. My mom taught me this one. I used to keep my blinds tilted downwards because they close more completely that way. But every time my mom came over during warm weather, she covertly went around the house tilting them upwards. She said, “When they’re tilted up, the sun reflects off them. When they’re pointed down, you’re just letting all the heat beat down in the room.” I didn’t think it would make a difference because they were closed. But I finally got tired of switching them, and you know what? It really IS cooler. Conversely, point them down in the winter (or leave them open on the south side to really take advantage of that heat).
  5. Install motion-activated lights. My kids are notorious for leaving lights on all over the house. No amount of pleading or punishment made them remember to turn them off. So I had my husband to install motion-activated lights in all their prime spots (hallway, basement, garage, family room, back porch). The lights can still be turned off manually, but if someone forgets, they go off by themselves.
  6. Don’t throw stuff away. No, I’m not suggesting that you become a hoarder. But don’t be so quick to throw out old furniture, clothes, books, housewares, or appliances that still have usable life left in them. Have a garage sale (better yet, a multifamily garage sale) or sell your things on eBay. You’d be surprised what will sell! Best option: Skip the hassle of selling your stuff, and just donate it to charity. You’ll be helping a good cause, you’ll feel good, you’ll get a tax write-off, and for every one of your castoffs that gets reused by someone else, that’s one less item that has to be manufactured.
  7. Cut your paper towels in half. I refuse to give up paper towels. But I know that for most things I use them for, I don’t need anywhere near the size of a full paper towel or even the half sheets they now sell. So I keep a half roll of half sheets on hand. Here’s how to make one (great project for the kids): Tape a circle of masking tape very firmly around the middle of a roll. Then start unrolling the sheets, pulling slightly in the direction of the tape. The unrolled half sheets can be wrapped back onto the roll.
  8. Make your kids walk more. Or ride their bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. Encourage them to make human-powered trips that are a little farther than their comfort level (if it’s safe). Especially when they get old enough to drive, kids think relatively short distances need the car. Offer to go with them and prove otherwise!
  9. Buy a down comforter. Everyone in the house should have one. Then turn that thermostat way down. Under my down comforter, I’m still toasty at 45 degrees! (But don’t freeze your pipes.)
  10. Don’t fill up your gas tank. Gasoline is heavy. By only filling your tank halfway, you can keep your car 100 pounds (or more) lighter. A lighter car gets better gas mileage! For the same reason, make sure you’re not carrying around a lot of junk in your trunk (yours or your car’s).

Don’t give up on going green even if you don’t want to make huge lifestyle changes. Something is better than nothing! Start small and see how many little changes you and your family can try.

Even small changes make a difference when they’re combined with everyone else’s small changes.

Green Living : Magnetic Generators Rule Homes and Hearts

Renewable energy is the buzzword around the globe and the search for an alternative source of energy solar or wind power technology has been available for a while.

Green Living : Magnetic Generators Rule Homes and Hearts

Among all eco-friendly power solutions, magnetic generators keep their heads held high above the crowd.

In terms of feasibility, reliability and efficiency home owners are left with the one best choice and it happens to be the magnetic generator.

Homeowners are looking for a better way to cut costs on their power bill. Magnetic generators produce efficient and effective energy and they can even make a home go off-grid within affordable cost.

Solar power has been there, yet has not been adopted on a large enough scale because of cost and effectiveness.

When it comes to cost it is well beyond reach of home owners to make their home go completely off-grid with the use of solar panels or even to produce a decent amount of power.

To power a home with a solar system , a lot of solar panels are required and these solar panels are costly.

Home owners find that they will have to spend more than their power bill if they adapt to solar systems and it is not also feasible to wait 20 years after installing a home solar system and notice some actual saving on power bills.

To make matters worse one tragic fact about solar systems can be mentioned, they don’t work well without bright sunlight so it is easy to understand that they won’t work as effectively at nights.

However, a long array of expensive batteries can contain charge to drive the inverter circuit of a solar system to make it produce electricity for the night.

That is why in terms of affordability and feasibility solar systems are not a popular choice with home power generation.

When it comes to installation and maintenance cost, magnetic generators simply knock out solar power generators.

A typical magnetic generator costs about a $100 USD and they are virtually maintenance free, parts are available and cheap.

Once installed, they offer an immediate saving on power bills making magnetic generators the most logical choice for home owners.

Furthermore they are safe, eco-friendly, does not need fuel to run and they can actually generate power on their own ! They don’t even need sunlight or the wind.

They haven’t been commercially distributed or made popular because of the greed of the power companies. I believe it has been a conspiracy so far to prevent magnetic generators readily available to the populace.

Free electricity and green energy that is what magnetic generators are all about.

Those who care about conservation and saving the planet should consider the marvels of a magnetic generator.

For home electricity needs their low costs, reliability, safety, eco-friendly operation and last but not the least – actual saving on power bills are a combination of unbeatable attributes.

To say adios to your headache on high power bills, you are cordially invited to visit us at renewable solar energy and see for yourself how inexpensive and easy it is to install your own magnetic generator.

Home Remodeling Contracts are Very Important

From time to time we get into the mood of remodeling our homes and giving it an entirely different look or increasing its comfort. This is when home remodeling contracts come into play.


Each one’s home is extremely important for him/ her. It is therefore essential to ensure that the task is completed smoothly.

The necessity of a home remodeling contract depends on the kind of remodeling work that needs to be done. If the remodeling is not major then it is better for a person to do it himself.

It is not necessary to invest money on home remodeling contracts for simple tasks.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to undertake a major remodeling project on your own simply to save money you may not be making the right decision, as you may end up spending more money in the long run.

In fact you could even choose to contract a part of your remodeling work.

For instance there are some contractors who will build the exterior shell for you and leave you to complete the interior decoration of your home.

In the bargain you actually save some money and at the same time you not put yourself in the inconvenient position of messing up the entire job of home remodeling.

Moreover hiring a contractor is more pragmatic, as it includes the individual jobs of carpentry, plumbing, painting, etc. and you do not need to hire separate people for separate jobs.

It is indeed advisable to hire professionals for home remodeling contracts but it is inevitable that every professional is equally good.

Hence you need to be careful while hiring a contractor and need to remember several important factors are to be borne in mind. First and foremost you must decide on the work that you desire to do.

In order to decide on the most appropriate contractor you need to compare and contract several contractors.

Hence first you need to get an estimate quote from the various contractors for the entire job as well as the break up for the different tasks that make up the contract.

Secondly you need to find out whether the contractor is experienced in handling the type of work you are entrusting him with.

The homeowners should ensure that the contractors are adequately equipped to handle the home remodeling contracts efficiently.

It is often felt that a written contract is unnecessary for minor home remodeling contracts. It is under such circumstances that we realize the importance of the saying “Prevention is better than cure”.

Home remodeling contracts need to incorporate several essential aspects and clauses.

A list of all the things that must be included in the contract

  • Firstly, the contract should contain the names of the homeowner and the contractor and the location of the home.
  • Secondly, the document must have the description of the job to be undertaken. The various constituents of the remodeling task should be enlisted in this section.


  1. The terms of payment in the remodeling project needs to be specified.
  2. The time duration of the entire project must be per-defined in the contract.
  3. There should be specifications about the business status of the contractor as to whether he is independent or not.
  4. The contract should also have the license status numbers i.e. the state and local license numbers.
  5. There should be clause that mentions the liability of the homeowner in case of any injury that the contractor may incur while at work.
  6. An availability of permits should also be mentioned.
  7. A final word on the additional terms and amendments should be described as well.

How to Go Green: Buy Organic Tea

If you are health conscious and concerned about the environment, you probably already know the health benefits of drinking tea and are aware of the ecological advantages of organic fruits and vegetables.

How to Go Green: Buy Organic Tea

Tea is high in antioxidants, as well as polyphenols such as tannic acid.

Scientists are learning that plants that produce those tannins may already create ecological gains and, if they are grown organically with no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, they are even better for you and the environment.

If you do a web search for “Organic tea” you will find many online retail outlets for the beverage, ranging significantly in price and quality.

It is hard to choose a tea without being able to at least smell a sample, unless it is a type with which you are familiar or has a fruit aspect that you know you like.

I have personal experience with brands like Yogi (good) and The Republic of Tea (excellent), so I could recommend either of those, but taste preferences are highly personal and subjective and you may prefer another brand.

However, as long as you check for the organic certification seal, as seen at the bottom of Rishi’s home page, you can be assured you are receiving fully organic tea.

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It might be useful, if you plan to buy online, to do some research into the health benefits of various teas as well as look for reviews that speak of the taste of various types and brands.

If you really want to be green and conscientious when buying organic tea (or food), you should check your local market for retailers nearby.

Chances are there could be a small organic grower, or at least a distributor, near you.

Even if it is only a local distributor, you are still reducing shipping, since they’ve already shipped it to their store in bulk and you will only be driving a short distance in your car to get the product rather than putting a plane in the air to get it to your door.

In addition to this, you are supporting your local economy and small business, which is important at all times, but particularly in the current financial landscape.

Eco Friendly Enhancements for Independence Day Celebrations

Every elementary school student knows the formula to make green is blue plus yellow, but many adults these days are attempting to mix red, white and blue with the same results.

Eco Friendly Enhancements for Independence Day Celebrations

In our very information aware society of today, being eco friendly is not only a lifestyle, but almost a mandate. This guide will provide you with information to make your fourth of July celebration a green party.

  • Have your party attendees bring their own cup. Not only are you cutting down the cost by not purchasing disposable counterparts, you’re also eliminating extra landfill waste. Guests could even be encouraged to bring fun and interesting mugs from their personal collection.
  • When planning the menu, eat local. Cater from a local mom and pop, or if you’re preparing, purchase ingredients from local farmers‘ markets or produce stands. This cuts down on gas emissions from the transport of produce while also investing in the local economy.
  • Use living flowers as table centerpieces and decorations instead of cut flowers. Sure the red, white and blue carnations are pretty, but they’re doomed for the trash after the party is over. Purchase potted plants that will continue to contribute to the environment while also bringing color to your table.
  • If you must buy plate ware or supplies, be sure to check and thoroughly read the labels. Spend a few extra cents on the goods that are made from recycled materials, and then don’t let the cycle end, but help repeat the process.
  • When purchasing your party supplies, break down for big packages. Purchase items in bulk if possible. This not only saves you money but minimizes excess packaging waste.
  • The guest list is full and so is your yard. There’s a mass of people right before your eyes, so why not harness that power? Add a good deed to the party. Organize a volunteer effort in your community or and eco conscious activity within the party itself.
  • Set up an area just for recycling. Make sure your guests are aware of its location and purpose. Also, have each canister labeled with both a word and picture so that even the youngest guests can participate.
  • Fireworks and Independence Day seem to exist synonymously. It’s difficult to picture one without the other. Unfortunately, with the metals, sulfur, coal and other noxious chemicals, it’s not exactly the most eco friendly fourth of July tradition. There are some alternatives. Don’t purchase fireworks to set off at home, take the gang to a local city light show instead. Big productions are beginning the switch to eco friendly fireworks that are not available to the average costumer. Decorate your party with lots of lively colors, although not an exact substitute it can help to outweigh the colorful lights. Pass out noisemakers for some party fun or possibly host a camp fire after the sun goes down. Fires are longer lasting than fireworks and the ash is much less toxic. You could even pass out marshmallows.
  • When preparing to fire up the grill, be careful what type of fuel you use. Don’t purchase propane, as it is a non sustainable resource. Go with labels that are sustainably produced charcoal or made from wood. If you’ll be grilling corn on the cob, head to the back yard for skewers. Collect loose twigs, sharpen one end with a pencil sharpener, jab, grill and serve!
  • For pack up time, use reusable plastic containers to store food. There’s also a somewhat new and unheard product that can be used rather than plastic wrap. Reusable sandwich wrap is eco friendly, however I have not used it and wonder about its durability.
  • At cleanup time, pass out lemon scented hand towels instead of wipes. To make, simply soak small towels in ice water and lemon, then wring them out, roll them up and pass them out still damp. They’re refreshing and also will disinfect.

It’s easy and practical to go green with your Independence Day celebration. Simply think consciously, be aware of what you purchase and be creative. Your green fourth of July party will be an event not likely forgotten!

Click here to find other eco-solutions for your life.

Home Safety Tips

“There’s no place like home,” but did you know that there are dangers lurking in your home? No, I’m not talking about dust mites;

Home Safety Tips

I’m referring to things like fires and falls – incidents that can be avoided by following these simple tips.

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

OK, so we all remember that commercial with the old lady but the truth is a lot people do fall in their own home, and not just the elderly.

Preventing a fall isn’t just important to you and your family, if someone else falls on your property they could turn around and sue you. Taking precautions before an accident occurs is the best solution.


Make sure there is appropriate lighting so all of the stairs can be seen when someone is going up and down the stairs.

You can do something fancy where each stair is illuminated, or you can put a bright lamp or chandelier in your house where your stairs are.

If you have outside stairs, consider using reflective tape on the edges in addition to outdoor lighting.

Also ensure your stairs have handrails.


Area rugs can beautify and add warmth to any home, but they won’t be of any use if they slide all over the place. Be sure to use adhesive or double sided tape so the rug is secure when walking on it.

Stop, Drop and Roll

Smoke Detector

No one expects their house to catch on fire yet we all have smoke detectors… just in case.

Those smoke detectors won’t do you any good if there are no batteries in them, so make sure you test the batteries once a month and replace them when they die.

Did you know that smoke detectors will not last the life of your home? According to the National Fire Protection Agency, smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are available at places like Costco, Home Depot and Lowe’s, and are well worth their small price.

It is suggested that you have one fire extinguisher per level in your home, but it is especially important to place a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, an area that has the most hazards.

Instructions are provided on the extinguisher itself so be sure to familiarize yourself and teach your family members how to use the fire extinguisher properly.


Do not leave a hot frying pan unattended, and make sure children know not to touch a hot stove.

Keep the heat levels on medium to low when frying oil so the oil does not splatter and scald you.

Open a window or turn on the stove fan when cooking at high temperatures.

Use blenders for safer cooking.


Scented candles are a great way to freshen up a room but keep in mind that candles should not be left unattended. It only takes a second for something to catch on fire.

Candles that are too close together can light one another, and any slight wind (even from someone walking by) can cause the flame to move.

Take the candle with you (carefully) if you plan on leaving the room, or blow the candle out and re-light it.

Keep flammable materials away from the flame (e.g. paper, plastic bags).

Escape Plan

If your house does catch on fire it is important to have an escape route. Make sure the entire family practices a few times a year so they are prepared in the event this training exercise becomes a reality.

Look for more than one escape route out of each room (e.g. through the door or window).

If you have a multi-story home then consider purchasing an escape ladder which can be hung out of any window.

Decide on a meeting place for when you do all make it out of the house.

Don’t assume that staying on your front lawn will be the safest place; depending on the size of the fire it might be better to meet down the street by a lamp post or in front of a neighbor’s house.